YouTube Gaming izazov tik (NOVOSTI)

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ИоуТубе ће Гунг-Хо у сектору живи стреаминг за компјутерске игре овог лета сезоне. Ставили прозор о томе када желе услугу да живи и што су урадили тако што дозвољава играње сајт ИоуТубе Видео ићи уживо и пружити играчима мало укус шта је тачно доћи.

Ту је уредан мало интерактивни сајт који је заправо отишао уживо на ИоуТубе Гаминг, и ту је пратећа блог на сајт који описује оно што је огроман видео сервис је припремио за интерактивну шоу бизниса када је у питању ливе стреаминг-.

Као што је поменуто на поруке од производа и материјала менаџер Алан Џојс.

ИоуТубе Гаминг је направљена да буде све о вашим омиљеним играма и играчима, with more videos than anywhere else. FromAsteroids” to “Zelda,” more than 25,000 games will each have their own page, a single place for all the best videos and live streams about that title. You’ll also find channels from a wide array of game publishers and YouTube creators.

The post points out that players will have the ability to favorite games, receive notifications when particular streams start and get suggestions on which channels to keep an eye on.

In addition to this, YouTube is appealing high-rate 60fps streaming (for gamers who have the bandwidth and caps to manage it) together with automatic stream conversions, so gamers can convert their live-streams into YouTube videos with ease. This will easily attract a great deal of the existing streamers on Twitch to a minimum of experiment with Googleunless, naturally, they do not have a Google Adsense account or cannot get one. However, that’s what the mega-partners are for in the YouTube space to assist alleviate all business backend ventures concerning video game streaming and Let’s Play culturethey’ll just take a large chunk of the profits from the Let’s Play videos or live-streams for doing this.

Inning accordance with the post, the YouTube Gaming service will certainly go live this summer for gamers in the United States and in the United Kingdom. This need to make an interesting turn of events in between the competition of marketshare over live-streams in between Google and Twitch.

In addition, with Twitch recently having passed a ban on all AO-rated games by the ESRB, I question if Google will permit AO-rated games to be streamed by means of YouTube Gaming? If so, then gamers could stream Hatred (if they wanted). There were also previous bans (albeit short-term) handed out on Twitch for video games like Senran Kagura due to the fact that they felt the video game was too sexually specific.

Gamers not wishing to do handle a few of the rigorous policies and regulations relating to games that are and are not allowed on Twitch might easily assist YouTube Gaming gather a strong local of live-streamers.

I’m sure we’ll learn just how much flexibility players will have (or will not have) as the service nears its official beginning.



У међувремену, you can head on over to the main YouTube Gaming web site and click the various polygons to see a short animation associating with popular games, from Metal Gear Solid to Mario to The Legend of Zelda.

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