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Is Mafia 3 About To Be Announced? (NEWS)

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It’s been numerous years given that we’ve seen a new Mafia video game. The open-world gangster title last left off with Mafia 2 method back in 2010. It would appear fitting that perhaps Take-Two and 2K Games would have something in shop for players given the lapse of 5 years without any new Mafia titles. That could be altering with a possible new entry in the popular series.Over on NeoGaf there’s a thread showing that Take-Two, the parent install of 2K Games, just recently purchased domains for,, and

NeoGaf found the change over on the Daily Changes domain devices website, where they kept in mind that Take-Two initially made the purchase of the name server activity back on June 25th, simply a few days back.

It seem...

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