Fallout 4 Bu yıl geliyor (HABERLER)

Fallout 4 Geliyor

Bazı perakendecilerin zaten çoğu geçici yayın tarihleri için Bethesda'nın kurulması son derece açık-dünya RPG için hazırlanan, Fallout 4. GameStop ve Amazon, diğerleri arasında, Yayın tarihi 31 Aralık olan video oyunu listeleme, 2015 Bir Xbox için, PS4 ve PC. Haberlerde NeoGaf tarafından bir iş parçacığında baktı yapıldı.. Bethesda saklamak için bağlantı ama sadece çıkarır bir “TBA” veya için ilan edilecektir sürede Dükkanı sayfa. Yalnızca sayfa içeren standart bilgi ve restates ve sürücüleri bir sürü ev özgün başlatma römork tüm oyun içi eşyalar ve görüntüleri toplandı noktası.

İş parçacığı Ayrıca Amazon Dükkanı sayfasına bağlanır. Fallout başka bir çok temel özetini içerir 4 ve Xbox bir ön sipariş alternatifler, PS4 ve PC. Ayrıca, the Amazon page has a December 31st, 2015 release slated for Bethesda’s highly expected follow up to Fallout 3 (or Fallout: New Vegas if we’re not counting numerical sequencing).

Amazon had not been the only one who pick a December 31st, 2015 placeholder date, however. If you visit GameStop’s page, they likewise note Fallout 4 as showing up on December 31st, 2015 for house consoles and PC.

Fallout 4 Römork


Let’s simply discuss December 31st, 2015 for a bitthat lands on a Thursday in North America. That’s a big no-no as far as AAA video game releases go. In fact, that’s a big no-no even for European or exactly what they categorize as PAL releases. In the U.K., specifically, huge video games launch on a Friday. In America the huge video games launch on a Tuesday. The only time games launch on a Wednesday anywhere in the world is when it’s a digital only release. Nintendo is likewise among the only significant publishers to release their video games worldwide on a Friday as opposed to a Tuesday in North America. So simply for the sake of consistency when it comes to video game releases, Fallout 4 does not fit within the local levels for any of the significant video gaming territories.

In addition to this, December 31st is an awful date as far as market timing goes. The last day of the year? Really? It’s after Christmas and it’s after Black Friday, so there’s no chance Bethesda would let that go. They would miss out on out on way, way, way too many sales. Fallout 4 has actually been anticipated enough that they can ask for an audience with strong sales launching prior to or around the Black Friday window. So it’s likely that December 31st is more like a possible provisional release window if the video game is set to release this year.

However, open-world RPGs are no little job, no laughing matter and very unpredictable when it concerns stability. There are a great deal of variables to consider in today’s market of multi-choice, multi-varied open-world games and unless Bethesda has actually been working really hard on this video game for the past few years, I have the tendency to question that a 2015 release date is concrete.

Even still, this only includes to the intrigue of what Bethesda has to display at this year’s E3 for Fallout 4 and I feel that a lot of individuals are interesting to see what they roll out on June 14th. Your Get-Cracked 😉


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