Конан вигнанці

Обкладинка гри

Вбудувати у в Всесвіт Конан, пісочниці дій відео ігор з функціями виживання, developed by Група у норвезької Funcom, відомий перш за все для його пригоди циклу найдовший подорож і вік Конан MMORPG. Ми граємо, як один з багатьох знедолених, спрямованих на витримати в за суворих, ворожого світу.

Геймплей Конан вигнанців і не змінюється від саме те, що ми насправді бачив в інших виробництвах від цього жанру, Зосередивши увагу на боротьбі з, отримання досвіду, збираючи їжу і ресурсів, щоб виробити багато корисних частин пристроїв або побудувати притулок, надавши захисту проти всіх видів загроз, consisting of attacks of wild animals and other gamers. As many f the video game focuses on multiplayer, we are enabled to join forces with other players while completing tasks or building shelters. The developers have actually likewise consisted of a full-scale single player mode.

Conan Exiles is embedded in the imaginary universe of Conan the Barbarian. The player presumes the role of a castaway who passes through harmful wastelands. Although the plot is merely a background for the video game’s complex mechanics, the player slowly gets acquainted with the abundant history of this world, which has actually remained surprises inside ancient ruins. Prehistoric civilizations left their marks here in the kind of books, Але Аналогічним чином, different engravings describing various events from the past.

Conan Exiles for PC/ Windows is played either from the first-person or third-person view. The player explores a diverse world of an open structure, thus the adventure leads through savannas, пустелі, cavernous canyons, picturesque valleys, or the abovementioned ruins. Survival-related aspects constitute the core of the experiencealthough the player starts without anything to hold in their hands, they quickly begin to craft their first, simplistic tools and weapons.

The video game’s complex crafting system enables the gamer to develop useful items, in addition to a growing number of lethal weapons, but apart from that, one can constructing structures, which can enter into big towns or fortresses. Through conquest and enslavement, the player gains various kinds of subordinates, such as archers, warriors or artists.

The world of Conan Exiles is not a safe place. Different dangers are made up here of unpredictable weather (above all, sand storms), aggressive animals, and human hostiles: numerous bandits and the titular exilesthose of the latter kind are worth taking alive, due to the fact that their hearts can be compromised at the altars of gods. The in-game divine beings can choose to bestow a present upon the player-controlled character (in the form of a distinct ability), which often influences the course of a fight to a large extent.

The Fight is real-time here and the player utilizes melee weapons (spears, swords), ranged (bows) and the player-controlled exile’s special capabilities. Both the mental and physical states of the lead character are shown in the real gameplaythe gamer has to be making sure about their character’s health, however also their level of peace of mind, because checking out strange ruins with unidentified, dark forces residing in-there, can own the protagonist outrageous.


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