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联盟的传说 MultiHack 2016


联盟的传说 MultiHack 2016 真的是有一些特色的不同的他们没有新的黑客袭击, 这种妥协是十分独特的因为它已制定了好一阵子,所以我们有一些很不错的函数使用只为你,只是从联盟的数字是验尸今天和更新,每日由我们数据库的多个黑客。联盟的传说 MultiHack 妥协你当然可以做几乎所有你必须得到你的一切欲望支配的数字游戏类别, 我们亦制作了更新元素以确保您不必须再次下载此妥协, 它经常会通过我们的数据库链接和快速更新.

100% 将无所遁形

这个联盟传奇 MultiHack 是 100% 将无所遁形. 因此利用今天!

LoL Compromise

With this specific League of Legends MultiHack 2016 function, your distance that is viewing can be increased by you. It’s extremely successful since you will have the ability to view your adversaries ahead of time.

LoL League of Legends Multi Hack

This attribute within this League of Legends MultiHack 2016 decides the top champ and and also the shelves for you personally. It’s power is quite required if before anyone else can you like to play a very common, or recently produced winner.

LoL Fall Hack

With this function inside the League of Legends MultiHack 2016, players can fall from the recreation; participants who’re very hard to conquer. Once they get dropped, that is seen by the machines as you busting them. Only don’t doit for your teammates, it’ll ruin their gameplay..

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Hack Features:

– Add Riot Points
– Add Influence Points
– Add Expirience Points

Characted Unlocker:
-Unlock All Characters
– Fighters
– Assassians
– Tanks
– Mages
– Support

In-game HACK:
– Refresh All Cooldowns every 3 sec
– Set Global Cooldown to 0.15 sec
– Unlock All Spells
– Double Experience
– Map Hack
– Drawing Mode
– Flash Mode
– Speed Hack (x2, x5, x10)
– Teleport Mode
– Unlimited Mana
– Unlimited Health
– Instant 18 Level
– God Mode
– Damage x 100

– Unlock All Skins
– Unlock All Runes
– Unlock All Summoner Icon
– Unlock All Summoner Spells

How to use:
– Download League of Legends Multi Hack 2016
– Unzip and RUN
– Run Game
– Select options and hit ‘HACK’
– Enjoy



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