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极品飞车重新启动下一场比赛对于PS4, 的Xbox One和PC


“极品飞车是其中在视频游戏中最响亮的名字, 我们正在返回其成就在这个重新启动,” stated Ghost Games executive manufacturer Marcus Nilsson. “Pulling on our 20 years of history, and afterwards taking a year of launching a video game, we are making the video game we’ve constantly wished to. We’re paying attention to the fans and providing an experience that will certainly catch their creativity and release their enthusiasm for vehicles and speed.”.

The trailer’s going along with news release described exactly what we can get out of the Need for Speed reboot: an open-world street racing video game with lots of modification choices and animmersive storytying the entire experience together. Among the personalization alternatives is highlighted in an early image: ornamental lights for your grill.

Required for Speed’s reboot is in property development at Ghost Games. Ghost Games co-developed Rivals with Criterion so this reboot will certainly be their very first time developing a video game in the series on their own.



Speedhunters, the vehicle culture website had by EA, will certainly be assisting Ghost Games make sure that the video game is as genuine a representation of thecity vehicle sceneas possible. In revealing their deal with the NFS reboot, Speedhunters pointed out that the video game hasintentional cherry-picking of a few of the very best bits from the last 20 years worth of titles.They likewise guaranteed to share some behind-the-scenes stories about the property development.

EA revealed today that they’re restarting the Requirement for Speed franchise this fall. They have actually launched a trailer with some in-game video footage of the brand-new racing video game in property development for PS4, 的Xbox One和PC.

We’ll see a lot more of the video game on June 15th. EA strategies to share the complete gameplay trailer on that day, more than likely throughout their E3 interview.



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