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巫师 3 免费添加任务和服装 (新闻中心)

巫师 3 免费 dlc 2015

巫师 3 有一吨的全新免费的内容航路和CD Projekt的红目前已发布了一些新的东西,通过一个全新的使命和TRISS Merigold.PC GamesN一个全新装备的玩家使得它的理解是GOG.com和蒸汽已经升级客户端的玩家谁拥有巫师 3: 野生亨特与新料.

全新装备的TRISS给了她一个金色和绿色的衣服类似的东西,将出席在大都会庆祝舞会. 我们的目标也打开了一些全新的garbs的杰洛特. 全新的任务被称为寻宝: Wolf School Gear. If gamers full it after setting out to collect the required materials and turn it into something wearable, they’ll be rewarded with the brand-new Wolf School Witcher gear.

As noted in the PC GamesN post, CD Projekt Red still has strategies to launch more DLC for The Witcher 3. They have 6 DLC packs on the horizon that will certainly all drop throughout the summer for diehard gamers.

巫师 3 had a slightly rocky start when it concerned optimizations and graphical efficiency, but the game was an important and monetary success right out of eviction. It offered a million copies in pre-orders alone and followed up with more than 4 million copies sold within 2 weeks of being launched. Lots of analysts anticipate the video game to move 7 million copies prior to the year is out.


CD Projekt Red has been committed to churning out as much content as possible for the game to remaining the fans happy and from individuals ending up being disgruntled with DLC campaigns.

In today’s market there are a great deal of AAA titles that release with pre-order DLC or have on-disc DLC. There is likewise the concern of some video games not understanding the best ways to reduce their DLC and having hundreds of small pieces of material, sort of like Borderlands 2, which truly cranked up the numbers on the accessories and whatnot. Saints Row IV likewise had a fair bit of DLC, including DLC cheat codes, which certainly rubbed some individuals the incorrect method.

Considering that CD Projekt Red runs they understand what the audience wants and they wish to keep games as pure as possible when it comes to acquiring them and getting everything from the start.

Some publishers have actually said that the increasing property development expenses requires more pre-order bonuses and DLC projects, but technically no one is in fact inquiring to invest $100 million, $250 million or $500 million on exactly what typically amounts to mediocre video games (with the one exception being Grand Theft Auto V).

Anyhow, you can try to find more complimentary downloadable content to present for The Witcher 3 throughout the summer season. The business intends on supporting the video game all through this year and part of the next, as they’ll quickly be prepping to dive head initially into the property development of Cyberpunk 2077.


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