NEW Windows 10 Idethi Setha For July 2015

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The elabo Amawindi 10 isiyadlula njengoba Microsoft Corp namuhla wembula ukuthi yayo uhlelo lokusebenza brand-new okuzofika ngoJulayi 29 in 190 amazwe. Njengoba i ibhonasi sipho wanezela, kuyoba ngisho izinga free abantu okwamanje egijima Windows 7 futhi Windows 8.1.”Windos 10 ngokuqinisekile ukusiza abantu babe ikhiqize kakhudlwana futhi sibe kujabulise kakhudlwana, okuhlangenwe nakho ngabanye futhi wemvelo ukuthi isebenza kuzo zonke zobuchwepheshe zabo,” ifundeka ukukhululwa izindaba ezivela Microsoft. “Ajwayelekile, kodwa ungcono kakhulu kunangaphambili, Amawindi 10 ngokuqinisekile kuyosinikeza eqhubekayo sici emisha kanye updates nokuvikeleka.”.

Uma kwenzeka saphuthelwa Windows 8, the new lokusebenza-like isu inhlangano evamile engamukeleki abasebenzisi futhi tech izingosi ngokufanayo, knocked for its extreme departure from exactly what’s worked simply great in the past and a focus on touchscreen design and mechanics for an OS that would operate on a bulk of gadgets that didn’t even have a touchscreen. According to Microsoft, Amawindi 10 will fix those missteps, keeping a few of the new elements that in fact worked and bolting them onto a more familiar, PC-friendly setup.

For starters, the Start menu will make its victorious return, with users now able to pin their most-used applications to the desktop. Microsoft likewise promises quick startup and resume performance, as well as Windows Hello, Microsoft Passport and Windows Defender to help keep your device/PC safe.



“Amawindi 10 is a new generation of Windows designed to empower you to do excellent things,” stated Terry Myerson, executive VP at Microsoft. Being a video gaming website, we presume thatterrific thingsrefers to destroying alien dangers, evil wizards, terrorists and so forth in a virtual setting. “Amawindi 10 starts to provide on our vision of more individual computing, specified by rely on how we secure and appreciate your individual info, mobility of the experience across your gadgets, and natural communications with your Windows gadgets, consisting of speech, touch, ink and holograms.”.

All that future-thinking tech will certainly be enhanced by your virtual assistant, Cortana, as well as voice, pen and gesture commands. If you’re feeling more old-fashioned, however, you can stick to the trustworthy mouse and keyboard. The brand-new web browser, Edge, will also be included.Lastly, for all of you console fans out there, Xbox on Windows 10 will certainly bring the Xbox Live network to both PCs and tablets.

People can interact with their good friends on Amawindi 10 PCs and Xbox One while playing any PC game and share content making use of Game DVR,” continues the announcement. “People can also stream games directly from their Xbox One console to a Windows 10 tablet or PC in their houses.”.

That seems like a very sweet deal, if you ask me. Now you’ll have the ability to stay up to date with your Xbox Live good friends while you’re dealing with the computer system, or simply stream your Halo session to the PC if somebody else wishes to view the TELEVISION.

For full details and info on how to get that free upgrade, be sure to drop by the official windows 10 website.


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