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The most recent trailer for upcoming action video game Mad Max has hit the web, providing fresh appearances at the areas, characters and action players can anticipate when the video game launches on Sept. 1. Get prepared to slap your peepers on the “Savage Road” story trailer.”Life is a savage road,” reads the trailer overview. “Out here, a man with no wheels is a guy with no hope”.. In keeping with Mad Max tradition, the approaching video game from Avalanche Studios looks to operate on four wheels and gas. It looks like we can anticipate lots of fighting, great deals of fast-moving war automobiles, as well as some combating while in/on/surrounded by fast-moving war automobiles.

Pardon the horrible pun, but the Mad Max video game is on a roll at this point. The most recent trailer showed off a combating system and world expedition that appears like the Arkham games blended with the current and similarly wonderful motion picture, Mad Max: Fury Road. Now we’ve got a story trailer that seems to assure a well-realized action romp, boasting lots of ridiculous fisticuffs, quickly driving, fascinating characters and a world that has actually gone 100 percent ridiculous.



I cannot stress enough how wonderful recent trailers have actually made Mad Max look, formally becoming my most awaited title of the fall. There are couple of things I enjoy much better than a game that comes out of nowhere and wows me, and it looks like that’s exactly what I need to anticipate this September.

To assist get everybody prepared (Sorry! Last car pun.) for the game, Avalanche Studios Senior Producer John Fuller recently stopped by the PlayStation Blog to dish out some extra details.

“As you know, Mad Max is an open-world action adventure game embeddeded in the post-apocalyptic universe made popular by the films,” Fuller said. “However, while you may acknowledge certain aspects, it is genuinely a standalone video game with original characters, storyline and setting crafted from the ground up to rival the very best video games out there.”.

This sort of advises me of video games like Shadow of Mordor and The Chronicles of Riddick: Butcher Bay, two games embeddeded in a recognized universe, however managing to provide an experience that stands all on its own. If Mad Max can strike those levels of quality, we might be in for a gritty treat.

Still trying to prevent humankind, Max finds himself knotted with Scabrous Scrotus at the start of the video game, the warlord of Gastown. With your car stolen and nobody to rely on but your not likely buddy, Chumbucket, it’s time to scour the Wasteland for products and craft a brand new war device.


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