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Need for Speed: Rivals is a racing video game set in an open world environment. Developed by Swedish and British developers Ghost Games and Ghost Games UK and developer Criterion Games, this is the twentieth installment in the long-running Need for Speed series. The game is set to be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in November 2013. It will also be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One..

Need for Speed Rivals Full Game and Crack – Free Download

Need for Speed: Rivals features a rapturous gameplay having some resemblance to 2010’s Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit title in the Need for Speed franchise with exotic cars and high-speed police chases. Players take on the role of a Racer or a Cop, with each side of the law offering its own set of challenges, risks and rewards. Rivals features eleven upgradeable gadgets such as EMPs, shockwaves and the ability to call in roadblocks. The game takes place in a fictional location known as Redview County. It’s an open world and features over 100 miles (160 km) of open road, larger than that of 2012’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted, but on the same size as Criterion’s Hot Pursuit. The open world features a similar set-up to Most Wanted, with several jumps, speed traps and unlockable cars, as well as shortcuts that are not shown on the map.

Power up your car with the latest upgrades in pursuit technology and personalize your bodywork with fresh paintjobs, liveries, custom license plates, rims, and decals to show off your car to the world. With millions of potential combinations you can save different configurations and keep a variety of car packages on alert to leave your mark no matter the situation.


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The revolutionary new feature lets you seamlessly join a world where your friends are already racing and chasing. Single-player and multiplayer are no longer isolated game modes. There are no lobbies, no waiting; everything is seamless. You and your friends can all share the same game, same race and same chase. Paths cross and experiences merge: imagine your race and your friend’s pursuit colliding creating a world where no two events will ever feel the same. Don’t want to play with others? Then simply choose to make Redview County yours alone and dominate the advanced racing and cop AI. 

Video Gameplay

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